Day and Evening Retreats

Rejoice in Water and Song a meditation of romance and joy a Luxury lifetyles experience for the day and night. The most sensual days and nights on earth

The One Love Temple at Sea Mountain Las Vegas Nevada.

The few Top optional and topless pools in Las Vegas are an expensive disappointment. Those supposed adults only pools have MOSTLY  single men at Vegas Topless pools  paying extra admission to be voyeurs and just to see your topless beauty.  Its not Zen its not cool and it can be negative energy playground.

One Love Spas1-1

Come to the land the Sea Mountain Lifestyles Temple where all are equal  and where all can be nude,a Temple of love with only couples and women and no lurking single men. Wear a robe or a towel or sarong if you are shy of the body temple and step into the waters of the most progressive and upscale lifestyles experience in the world. Yes, the world.


Yes, you can come by for just the day,or the eve party every day and night of the year, and yes, you can come just for the evening dance rejoice and events!

Reserve a day to pamper yourself at the AWARDED Temple Nude Retreat and rage at Sea Mountain One Love Clothing Optional Temple . The ultimate adults only couples and women’s retreat – Make it a complete and luxurious day vacation! If you are staying in Las Vegas at another hotel or live in town, you are welcome to join us for one of the most refreshing days or nights of your life.

Open every day of the year, NO MATTER THE WEATHER, come enter the most glorious nude couples lifestyles retreat.

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Las Vegas only couples and women only lifestyles retreat.

Come party like a rock star, live your fantasies, lingerie and less evenings in the hot Las Vegas Nights . Some of the best star-gazing in the nation.  Clean air and exotic delights of the night.  Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Temple comes to life for you. Welcome to the Dance of pleasure, evenings washed in water, dance or quiet contemplation under the stars. The only whirlpool and pool open, much less nude whirlpool and pool in Nevada all night long.  A unique experience, an evening where time stands still.  An evening made by you for you. Come on kiss the sky. From Hollywood celebrities to sports and music  legends, this is your VIP private time to indulge.

  • Massage for one or two together.  The Sea Mountain Special Tandem Massage.
  • Nude style mineral water pools, tanning gardens and dozens of fruit trees.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Nude tanning garden cabanas and zen temple.
  • Whirlpool – Jacuzzi Naked.
  • 24 hour Club One Love Temple Dance Rejoice access.
  • Lockers and towels and robes.
  • Free Wireless Internet access.
  • VIP garden nude beach pool access and seating.
  • Bottomless iced teas.
  • Waters and specialty drinks.
  • Bottomless Sea Mountain beverages and foods with all day visits!
  • Awarded delivered catered lunch and appetizer snacks.
  • A buffet of sounds and feelings the Most sensual and romantic Day and Night of any club in Las Vegas.One Love Spas1-3

Retreat Bliss For Two

Experience the difference from all the other Lifestyles Temple in the world. Explore the day with your partner, friends or as an empowered woman  alone for a fantastic vacation day of fantasy and adults only retreat. The Sea Mountain One Love Temple is IS the place in the USA Las Vegas Nevada  to actually live out your fantasy – Be wicked and positive  for the day or evening  in the warm sun nude on the entire Lifestyles  Temple  property.

At all other Lifestyles Temples friends or couples are separated for their treatments in sterile rooms.

At the Exclusive Sea Mountain One Love Lifestyles Temple, you can have your massages together and join the person you have come with to enjoy all of our VIP and awarded amenities for total relaxation, including our sensual and curative mikvah water pool, unique outdoor areas, munchies beverages, dharma club and more. You never need to be separated from each other. The most safe adults only and non-judgmental  environment in the USA.

See why Playboy® called Sea Mountain – Best place to be nude and romantic.

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One Love Dreams VIP All Access Pass

The most remarkable special VIP day in the USA all year
VIP Pass – 10:30AM to 5:00PM – 365 days per year – Enjoy special whirlpool and spend an entire day in paradise – Add $60 and stay and party or retreat until late in the evening!

  • $389  (total per couple all inclusive).
  • Two incredible one hour massages (can be done together).
  • Garden curative mineral water showers.
  • Full access to all nude pool and private retreat meditation areas.
  • Nude tanning together.
  • Nude natural heated mineral water pool.
  • Club One Love Dance rejoice access – Party Zen day and night.
  • Access to the One Love Dharma Club.
  • Complimentary parking.
  • Special lunch for two.
  • Unlimited ice teas, coffees and spring waters.
  • Special reception and full award winning day use.
  • Afternoon Sea Mountain beverages – ALL you can handle!
  • Private  Temple club areas.
  • Fresh thick towels for loan.
  • Lockers.
  • Outdoor seating.

A One Love Temple Sea Mountain membership fee will be added to each temple booking at $20.00 donation per person for a six month One Love Temple Meditation Pass.

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One Love Spas 1-7


VIP 777 One Love Day Retreat Pass

Per couple.  VIP Pass – 10:30AM to 5:00PM – 365 days per year – Spend the entire day at the Eden of One Love Sea Mountain.

  • $179 (donation total per couple all inclusive).
  • $199 VIP Day AND Evening Spa (10:30am to 2:00am)
  • Full access to all nude pool, VIP and private retreat meditation areas.
  • Nude tanning gardens and fields access.
  • Nude natural heated naked water pools.
  • Club One Love Rejoice dance center  access – Party and meditate  day and night.
  • Complimentary parking.
  • Special lunch for two.
  • Sensual wood sauna steam.
  • Unlimited ice teas, coffees and spring waters.
  • Special reception and full award winning day use.
  • Afternoon Sea Mountain beverages – ALL you can handle!
  • Private club areas.
  • Fresh thick towels and zen robes
  • private Lockers.
  • Outdoor seating VIP Nude gardens and pools
  • Stay for the evening events for only $60 more.
  • Day beds.
  • Available with reservation – Add-ons! – Ah! YOUR OWN Cabana.  Your dream room has satellite flat-screen LCD TV.  Designer Asian furnishings.
  • $129 EXTRA add a single massage!
  • $179 EXTRA for use of a cabana with your private VIP day!

A One Love Temple Sea Mountain membership fee will be added to each temple booking at $20.00 donation per person for a six month One Love Temple Meditation Pass.

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One Woman – One DayOne Love Spas1-5b

Enjoy all the above without massage for only $39 donation for the entire day.

VIP Pass – 10:30AM to 5:00PM – 365 days per year – Spend the entire day at the Eden of One Love Sea Mountain.

Come alone or bring your friends for ultimate fun.Nothing beats the days and nights at Sea Mountain for a group of your friends looking for a safe unique high end experience with a total female staff.  No Lurking creeper men working or staying at the One Love. Other Lifestyles Temples don’t include all of this food and drinks  and  at One Love you can let lose and laugh to – You don’t have to retreat about in quiet. You and your girlfriends will find that this fantasy Lifestyles Temple caters especially to you. We often have large groups of women who want to party for the day or the weekend in a safe and free environment. Book today as these are popular vacation day packages.Now chosen as the most daring and upscale Bridal Shower Events in the World.

  • $129 EXTRA add a single massage!

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VIP All Access Evening Retreat Pass.

  • $179 (donation total per couple all inclusive).
  • $129 EXTRA add a single massage!

DANCE ROMANCE TRANCE BAPTISM OF LOVE – Dance and retreat nightly in the DHARMA CLUB the intimate lounge steps from the worlds hippest nude pools.
Evening VIP Pass – 4:00PM to 2:00AM Weekends special member hours available with cabana rentals.

Enjoy Las Vegas best couples lifestyles club retreat. While all other pools and hot tubs are closed this is the place to come for the most sin-sational night. Sea Mountain is your ultimate place to party or retreat – Looking for the most upscale and free atmosphere in the USA? Here we are. Be as wicked as you dare.  Good things for bad girls and bad things for good girls.

Sea Mountain One Love Temple is a very safe experience, we are a couples only Temple without single men working on the staff ever. Sea Mountain welcomes all .Please be aware that ages are 21 and and up. There are all ages over 21 and sizes enjoying party or retreat. Know the common theme is a NON-pressure, NON-judgement, NON-threatening, up scale, luxury experience. We reserve the right to refuse club service to anyone. One thing Unique about One Love is that the guests you find are much more upscale then any other lifestyles Club in States.

A Lifestyles Temple unlike all others.  This is what you need for a romantic and fun night.  Feel the evening vibe of Hedonism, or Desire, in the middle of the warm Las Vegas nights.

For all day retreats…

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One Love Spas1-6

VH1 has called Sea Mountain the ultimate Celebrity Secret and most sensual escape in the USA.

TMZ hails Sea Mountain as the impenetrable privacy fortress for the rich and  famous to mingle with friends from around the world with no photos or paparazzi allowed any where on the Temple of Love Radius.

The New York Times lists Sea Mountain as the only nude retreat  to recommend in the U.S.A.

Sea Mountain has been in the last 7 years of best of:

LA Magazine.

LA Weekly. Top Lifestyles Destination.

Tripadvisor has give Sea Mountain a lifetime of distinction award.

Casino World has declared Sea Mountain the ultimate Erotic experience for couples only.

A retreat for the senses.  Your private invitation to be as daring or as wicked  positive as you chose. Dress down in sexy lingerie or less.  Wear that special outfit that will get your barred from any night club in Las Vegas.  Know that this is a very safe experience, we are a couples only resort with a primarily female staff.  As the sun dims and your tan glows, come to the dance of pleasure be as naughty or nice as you like.  A Lifestyle experience to make new friends or enjoy your special company.  The safest environment to explore. A no-hassles, ultimate friendly, no pressure environment.

As seen in media from around the world as the most sensual romantic night and day in the world. What happens at the Sea Mountain stays in private too. Most evenings the Dharma Club has sexy DJs for special dancing – What is a nude Temple  without a dance pole? Weekly events are happening all the time. Many people stay at hotels that are within one minute of the Sea Mountain, they come for the day and evening and use the other hotel just for their blissful slumber. Sea Mountain One love Lifestyles Temple evenings do sell out so be sure to book early.

  • Garden Star mineral showers.
  • European style nude pools & tanning gardens and cabanas.
  • Aromatherapy nude pools.
  • Holy water lifestyles whirlpool – Jacuzzi.
  • 24 hour sensual Club Dharma Club access.
  • Dance pole fever.
  • Lockers and robes and towels.
  • Free Wireless Internet access.
  • VIP garden beach pool access and seating.
  • Bottomless beverages are included 24 hours a day and 24 hour snacks

Combo Retreat

  • Dance and rejoice all day and night. Women and couples ONLY.
  • $179 (donation total per couple all inclusive).
  • 10:30AM – 2AM open temple entry some nights until 6am.

Weekends and extended nights available.
Available 365 evenings a year.

After Hours Retreat Zen Quiet Time

  • Women and couples ONLY.
  • $249 (donation total per couple all inclusive).
  • 11:00PM – 4AM open temple entry some nights until 6am.

Weekends and extended nights available.
Available 365 evenings a year.

Lifestyles Temple Bliss For Two

Come together and stay together. Or come as ONE and experience Bliss – Today is Yours.

Come for the day and stay.

Call Now!   877-928-2827

Overnight Reservations at:


Escape to Las Vegas Most exclusive sanctuaries for your body Temple and Senses bask in our pool side One Love Cabanas and unwind with our heaven sent indoor or out door therapeutic Lifestyles Temple experiences.

Witness the SMI ONE LOVE massage.  As developed at the Sea Mountain Inn Malibu and Sea Mountain Beverly Hills.  Includes modern Asian massage and bodywork techniques focus on the energetic pathways.  The Licensed Sea Mountain Mobile Therapy Therapists are able to feel the energy your chi you Nefesh the Hebrew life force.  Detox your body with our SMI ONE LOVE  Deep Tissue or Swedish SMI Massages.

Sea Mountain Tandem Massage
Our specialty – Explore the Sea Mountain Tandem, the method developed at Sea Mountain Beverly Hills and Malibu Sea Mountain – A soothing deluxe 60 or 90 minute therapeutic  massage done with two female therapists as you retreat side by side.  We specialize in the ultimate massage experience that you can share with the person you have come to Sea Mountain with. Deep Tissue, aromatherapy, Swedish all combined for total therapeutic satisfaction.  After your together Sea Mountain Tandem, drift in wave of bliss as you explore the wonders of the Sea Mountain pool and whirlpools and exciting areas of tranquil surrender. Today is Yours. Kiss the sky.

Certified Massage Therapy

Healing through touch.

Massage therapy.  Today is yours.  Enjoy a special massage with our highly trained and sensitive world class massage therapists – Whether you visit Sea Mountain Temple of One Love  or a massage after a trip across the ocean, This is the ultimate in stress reduction. If you are seeking superior bodywork, relaxation, rejuvenation or “Wonder, Stress Free” break from life, We would like to extend our warm, sincere, and caring hospitality to you.

Certified Massage Therapists of World Class Schools.

  • Aroma Therapy ~ Full body treatment with special powerful essential oils.
  • Deep Tissue ~ Cross fiber muscle manipulation, meridian points contact.
  • Reflexology ~ Meridian points on feet, hands and head stimulated rhythmically.
  • Reiki ~ Chakra Balancing through focused energy re-alignment.
  • Swedish ~ Adjustable pressure using smoothing or kneading strokes.
  • Tandem Massage ~ Double the bliss and share the experience with your loved one, or enjoy 2 therapists at once.
  • Temple cabana VIP packages will include at tandem couples massage (all massage is non sexual and temple members must be draped in accordance with all State and City requirements and laws). All massages performed by Sea Mountain Mobile Therapy a licensed independent contractor.



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